Day: January 8, 2021

Unique Interior Design Trends For The Winter 2020/21

Winter is often accompanied by the holidays and as such, there are festivities where friends and family often gather. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your house has an attractive interior that is both heartwarming and comfortable. Selecting the home decors ensures that even a lackluster home appearance is transformed into a work of art.

Winter and Fall Decor Tips

There is a host of accessories that you can select from, which in turn aid in the transformation process. The most common ones include furniture, ambient colours to coat the walls (paint), and textures such as marble. Below are some of the styles:

  • Room Dividers
  • Comforting Neutrals
  • Marble Bathrooms.

Room Dividers

The current trend in architecture is such that with apartment dwellings getting common, their outlay happens that they incorporate an open floor plan. This means that apartment spaces, condos, and lofts are often one single room. It is a trend that is also common in other households where the living area is a huge block of space. Usually, you can subdivide the floor space creating several areas within this room. For instance, it can end up being a living room, a dining room, as well as a lounge area. When implemented in the living space, it creates a cosy dining area that is partially demarcated from the sitting room overlooking the fireplace.

Comforting Neutrals

Using neutral colours gives the house a unique twist every time. Since the colours are not specific to the season, they can easily blend the decor and you can then keep the same paint coat throughout the summer and spring before considering a change altogether. Don’t limit this to the paint coat only, because it can be applied to the fabrics, lighting, and or other decorations.

Marble Bathrooms

Marble material has been used for hundreds of years if not thousands, particularly by royalty and nobility. It has never gone out of fashion and seems to make a bold statement every time it is used in modern interior design styles. To particularly use it on surfaces in the bathroom makes the entire space shine from the reflective surfaces. So, it is essential to pick marble in a stylish colour that illuminates the light reflected spectacularly. Alternatively, you can focus on picking the lighting scheme within this space that gives a brilliant yet vibrant ambiance.

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